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PME (Project Management Empowerment) Institute is a leading institute in project management knowledge areas and seeks for the excellence of the Project Management in Iran. PME constitutes of experienced project management professionals from the academia and industry. The institute has formed from committees specialized in different knowledge areas of project management. PME collaboratively works with the recognized scientific entities in the country to improve project management practitioners’ knowledge from different public and private organizations.

Writing project management standards for the specific condition of Iran, designing and implementing useful project management related certificates, performing professional project management tests, providing project management services, and hosting project management events are among different types of activities performed by PME. PME welcomes the cooperation of any individuals interested in the excellence of project management knowledge in the country in this challenging endeavor.

Our Goals

Annually, many projects are poorly implemented in Iran with high-cost overruns and time delays. Many other projects are stopped incomplete with no perspective in the project completion in the future. These projects cause huge money and time lost in the country and waste the country’s capital. A considerable portion of these poor project implementations returns to the lack of project management knowledge in the project management teams.

PME (Project Management Empowerment) Institute has perceived this problem in the project management environment of the country and has set its ultimate goal to improve project management knowledge of the practitioners in the country. To this end, PME has developed its innovative and unique approach. PME welcomes the cooperation of any interested knowledgeable individual to reach this holy goal.

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Sharif University of Technology

Sharif University of Technology is the Certification body of IPMP.


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