PME (Project Management Empowerment) Institute in collaboration with the Sharif University of Technology has designed and implemented a new certification process for evaluating and improving knowledge of the project management practitioners in the country. Iran project management proficiency (IPMP) certificate has been accurately designed and implemented for the large international projects and the large project implemented in the specific condition of Iran. It is the first and the only project management related certification managed in the country. The recipients of this certificate, or IPMPs, are identified as proficient project management practitioners capable of applying project management knowledge in large projects implemented internationally or in the specific condition of Iran. The certificate applicants need to have the required amount of past relevant experience in the field of the project management; have taken project management standard (PMBOK) courses; and successfully pass the IPMP test performed by Sharif University of Technology. Successful applicants are granted IPMP certificate. For the detailed and step by step IPMP certificate application please refer to IPMP certificate application page.

Timeline of the IPMP Certification Process